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A Uni Watch Look at Muhammad Ali

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You know this photo; everybody does. It captures one of the signature moments in the career of Muhammad Ali, who died on Friday: his controversial first-round knockout of Sonny Liston in their heavyweight title rematch in May of 1965.

The photo also captures Ali’s signature look: red gloves (he also sometimes wore brown), white boots (hard to see in this shot, but they’re there), and, especially, the white trunks with black trim and the Everlast logo at 12 o’clock. When we think of Ali, this is how we instinctively think of him. (Continue reading)

Funk in the Trunks

After Joe Frazier’s recent death, I mentioned Frazier’s flashy trunks in the first Ali fight and his orange gloves with green thumbs in his first bout with George Foreman.

That prompted a wonderful response from boxing researcher/historian Sunni Khalid, who provided a primer on Frazier’s stylings in the squared circle, along with . . . → Read More: Funk in the Trunks

And They Aren't Even Giving Me a Consultant's Fee

. Over the past two months, I’ve told about 20 different interviewers that the current trends in college football uni design basically boil down to the fact that 17-year-olds respond to shiny objects. As you can see above, the folks at Notre Dame have apparently taken that concept a bit more literally . . . → Read More: And They Aren’t Even Giving Me a Consultant’s Fee

The Bleeding Ultimate

Quick, who was the last boxer to score a knockdown against Muhammad Ali? Punch yourself in the nose 13 times in a row if you knew it was Chuck Wepner, the Bayonne Bleeder, who sent the Greatest to the canvas — more because he was stepping on Ali’s foot than because of the . . . → Read More: The Bleeding Ultimate