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Hardhat Zone

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A Team of Their Own, Continued


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Back on Tuesday I posted a guest-written entry about the Dubois County Bombers, a summer collegiate wood bat team that got a retro makeover from reader Kyle Kendall. Today Kyle has provided some follow-up materials about the Bombers:

The program: Kyle asked me not to reproduce the entire program, but here’s the cover and a good article from the interior pages.

“Meet the Bombers”: “This is our roster insert,” says Kyle (look here and here). “I had each player strike a few classic baseball card-type poses and used these baseball cards as a way to introduce them to our fans. With most of these guys coming in from all over the country, we have to give our fans something to help them instantly connect with the new players. It’s the second year we’ve done these, but the new uniforms really make this year’s set stand out. A few guys haven’t reported yet due to their college postseason games — hence the hat photos.”

Bus driver’s and beer maids’ uniforms: “Our GM, Gary Freymiller, is quite a character,” says Kyle. “He picked up a vintage bus driver’s uniform and has been wearing it while driving on our road trips. We also got the Rockford Peaches ‘costumes’ for our beer maids. I found a place where we can get authentic ones made, but they didn’t make the budget cut. But most fans won’t notice the difference for now.”

Player photos: Kyle sent a variety of posed and action photos, many of which show just how beautiful the Bombers’ ballpark is. You can see them below (or for those of you who are on an iPad and can’t view flash animations, you can click here):

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A Team of Their Own

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[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry from Kyle Kendall, who recently got the opportunity to redesign an entire team. Enjoy. — PL]

By Kyle Kendall

I’ve been reading Uni Watch every day since the beginning. I wanted to tell you about a pretty large project I’ve been working on for the Dubois County Bombers, which is a good example of the influence that Uni Watch can have on design.

At first glance, the Bombers look like just about any other summer collegiate wood bat team. For years they’ve worn softball tops and long pants, and have lacked a visual identity. The one thing that makes a Bombers home game memorable, at least for me, is that they play their home games in Huntingburg League Stadium in Huntingburg, Indiana. It’s a great old stadium whose original grandstand dates back to 1894. It’s had various expansions and additions, the biggest of which was in the early ’90s, when it was renovated to be used as the home stadium for the Rockford Peaches in the movie A League of Their Own.

I’ve attended quite a few Bombers games over the years, and it’s always driven me nuts that they didn’t embrace this beautiful stadium. Yes, they played in it, but just because it was there. As a graphic designer and baseball collector, I always saw this as a missed opportunity.

Well, the past two seasons my younger brother worked for them, first as an intern and then as the assistant GM. At the time, I was working for a small marketing firm, and we were able to kick a few ideas around. We did a few small projects, the gameday programs, some photos, etc. Nothing major, but it planted the seeds for the bigger ideas that my brother and I wanted to pursue.

A year later, my brother has moved on to full-time work, and I’ve changed jobs as well. But I’ve continued to work with the Bombers as a marketing and design consultant. And this is where it gets fun.

Bombers GM Gary Freymiller and I have become pretty good friends, and he’s completely bought into our ideas. We’ve decided to embrace the stadium and the name “Bombers” to rebrand the team as a 1940s-era squad. Essentially the idea is that every night should feel like a turn back the clock night. With a limited budget, we couldn’t get everything done in one year, but we did bite off the first few big chunks this season, including the following:

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