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I'm Expecting a Lot of Orange

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Whatever else you can say about the Astros, they’ve certainly had some of the game’s most notable uniforms over the past century. And as most of you know, they’ll have a new uni set next season. But before the new design is unveiled, I’ve decided to let Uni Watch readers try their hand at adding to Houston’s storied uni history. So my ESPN column today will include a call for “Redesign the Astros” entries (although that’s not the primary focus of the column, which will be about a fairly obvious MLB trend this season). Full details here.

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What Can Brown Do for You? A Lot!


[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry by Tim Newcomb, who has written an ode to what he feels is an underappreciated color. — PL]

By Tim Newcomb

Brown has never been the “new black” in uniforms. Never has been and, quite likely, never will be. Even teams that have brown in their name (the Cleveland Browns, Rhode Island’s Brown University) often relegate their eponymous color to benchwarmer status.

Having worn lots of brown and yellow while growing up as a Padres fan, I understand why that combination is often viewed as dated. But brown is more than the old San Diego color that Steve Garvey famously called a taco look. It has personality. If given a chance, it could develop a future.
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The fallout from last week’s ESPN column about Robert Griffin III’s RNOB and a brief history of nickNOBs continued over the weekend. One thing at a time:

• Reader James Nagasawa points out that Earl Thomas of the Seahawks has been wearing RNOB on his practice jersey, as you can see at right. That Roman numeral looks like an aftermarket addition, no? Anyway, I got in touch with the Seahawks PR guy and asked if Williams planned to wear RNOB on his game jersey, and was told, “No. He just put it on his practice jersey last year.” So while Griffin isn’t the first NFLer to have worn RNOB in practice, he’s still on pace to become the first to wear RNOB in an actual game.

• Shawn Klis has alerted me to a nickNOB I hadn’t previously been aware of: “Back in the ’70s, the Buffalo Braves had a player named Ernie DiGregorio. I remember him specifically because he was the first guy that I ever saw with a nickNOB.”

• Last Friday I wrote this:

[A reader told me] that 49ers running back John David Crow wore a nickNOB — “Goober” — in the early 1970s. That claim is clearly false, since Crow’s last game in the league was in 1968, and the Niners didn’t even have NOBs yet at that point. I’m only bothering to mention it here because maybe Vinnie got some players mixed up in his head and there really was someone out there (not Crow) wearing “Goober” in the early ’70s. Anyone know more?

Just as I hoped, someone was able to connect the dots. “49ers running back Doug Cunningham was the one who was nicknamed Goober,” writes Richard Lewis (true enough — confirmed in this SI article). “Obviously, the 49ers would never have put ‘Goober’ on the back of his jersey, as you can see here.” Thanks for shedding some light on this one, Richard.

Finally, there’s an additional development arising from that ESPN column, but it’s too big to be summarized in a simple bullet point. I’ll have a full entry on it soon, and I don’t mind saying it’s gonna be epic — stay tuned.

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A Story Tailor-Made for Uni Watch

. I got a great submission the other day from reader Andrew Rader, as follows:

I went to a tailor’s shop in Philadelphia [shown above — PL] to get some pants hemmed. Turns out that the proprietor (who speaks broken English) and his wife — Pat and Anna Scioli — have been . . . → Read More: A Story Tailor-Made for Uni Watch